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Customized Offcial CNC Milled Putter manufacturers From China

Customized Offcial CNC Milled Putter manufacturers From China

XENOS series putter make a feature of detachable structure. Sole plate inserted a light aluminum sheet reduce the entire head weight this design makes the putter bigger shape for more stable putting. Flexible sole plate cool design . 4weights on sole plate is able to be changed material to meet different putter head weight.Wider sole design offers excellent putting feeling. Custom options included : head color,logo, grip,and length.

JASDE Customized Offcial CNC Milled Putter manufacturers FromChina,100% Quality Warrenty-Responsibility matters






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The 3 putters are designed and manufactured only by Jasde Golf.You can customize the logo part by using yours and also choose the one don;t have the expensive aluminum insert part.


1.What if there is quality issue on products?
If ther is quality issue on products, we have warrenty for them.
2.What's the proce for golf club?
It depends. Send us inquiry we will reply you in details.
3.Can you provide sample?
Yes we can.1-2 pieces sample for quality check is ok.


1.24+ years OEM golf club making experience
2.100% creativity-Produce new products every month
3.180+ open mould from driver,hybrid,iron to putter and others
4.100% Quality Warrenty-Responsibility matters


Xiamen Jasde Sports Equipment Co., Ltd,lies in Fujian,China has 24+ years experience of club making.Main market is The North America Area,West Europe Area,South Korea,Australia and others. In Jasde Golf, Our motto is that we offer not only GOLF CLUB,but also SERVICE.What we do is custom Golf club,just tell us what do you need and how would you like the club to be done, we are all at your service.About communication,we can do it by Email,phone call and video call.The last one is what we like to use most recently because that's a fast way to communicate also we can do double check on email just in case. One thing we have to mention in Jasde Golf is that we have 2 products line,one standard quality production line,another high-end quality production line.Client always has different needs when they are in different business stages.So whoever you are,small business beginner,Amazon seller,retailer or others, we can all meet your satisfaction. Innovation is what we vaue most.3-4 new products are made every month,you can see that on our Linkedin if you like. There are more I want to show you, what do you think of sending us inquiry about what you are interested in so we can reply you back?

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.